Children's Health Service Emergency Medicine

Pediatric Emergency Medicineat the UTMB Clear Lake Campus

Director: Jared Caruso MD

We are a group of Pediatric and Emergency Medicine trained doctors all with decades of experience. We provide 24-hour emergency care for children of all ages.

At UTMB, we understand the unique needs of your child and we are experts in the care of the sick and injured children. Through our emergency service, you will have access to a full array of Pediatric Surgeons and Subspecialists. We will work hand in hand with Pediatric Hospitalists to care for your child in the new 15-bed Pediatric unit. Our physicians work alongside and collaborate care with Pediatric Emergency Nurses who have decades of experience working with children.


A Caruso, Jared MD

Jared Caruso MD
Assistant Professor,
Director Pediatric Emergency Medicine 

Cardone, Gabriella MD

Gabriella Cardone MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Isinguzo, Chijioke MD

Chijioke Isinguzo MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Perilman, Steven MD

Steven Perilman MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Smart, Mauricio MD

Mauricio Smart MD
Clinical Assistant Professor,
CALL 832-632-7298, For immediate help call 911


  • Emergency Room - Clear Lake

    Emergency Room - UTMB Health Clear Lake Hospital

    The Clear Lake Campus offers 24-hour emergency care for children of all ages. UTMB Health in collaboration with Children's Memorial Hermann includes a Pediatric Emergency Department staffed by pediatric providers and nursing staff trained in pediatric care. Emergency Medicine is equipped with CT, X-Ray, ultrasound, and MRI capabilities, full diagnostics lab and respiratory services, as well as a telemetry monitoring system, enabling patients to have freedom of mobility.