Dr. Amber HairfieldAmber Hairfield DO
Program Director
Chair, Grad. Med. Ed. Comm.
Rodriguez-LienAlisha Adhikari MD
Chief Resident
Humphrey, Christy05Christy L. Humphrey
Resident Program Manager
(409) 772-1398


The UTMB Pediatric Residency Program categorically opposes systemic racism. We acknowledge the repercussions of current and historical structural racism on people of color. We believe that listening, learning, and understanding are critical to addressing racism. Our program endeavors to learn daily through an active rather than a passive process toward a more equitable future.

Our Pediatric Residency Program is committed to recruiting, supporting, and retaining outstanding residents of diverse ethnic, sexual orientation, religious, and racial backgrounds.

Please explore some of UTMB’s Diversity resources.