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Otitis Media

Our current research project on “Pathogenesis of virus-induced acute otitis media (AOM)” is in its second cycle of funding by the NIH. The ongoing prospective, longitudinal study will determine the interaction between genetics and environment in influencing URI and AOM incidence. The current prospective study will include 300 infants with and without a genetic polymorphism (TNFa-308) followed to the first AOM episode up to 1 year of age. Polymorphic and control subjects will be enrolled into the study within the first month of life. The dynamics of nasopharyngeal bacterial colonization in the first 6 mos. of life, incidence of symptomatic URI and AOM will be compared; influence of environmental risk factors on URI and AOM incidence will also be evaluated. In addition, further the association between several other cytokine/ chemokine gene polymorphisms and OM susceptibility will be determined.



NIH R01 DC 005841 Pathogenesis of virus-induced acute otitis media (Chonmaitree)
9/02-6/08 ................. $2,232,072
7/08-6/14 ................. $3,015,686
NIH R01 DC 005841-08-S1
7/10-6/11 ................. $85,680

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