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  Current Literature:
Acute Otitis Media literature cited in MEDLINE

Use the  terms below to identify citations on specific aspects of otitis media.  Links will execute immediate, up-to-date, current searches using PubMed interface to MEDLINE. The search strategies are designed to function as a current awareness service, limiting retrieval to the most recent English-language citations that deal primarily with acute otitis media.  Each search provides up to 25 English-language citations,  2004 to Present, unless otherwise noted.

Anatomy and histology of the ear
Antibiotic Resistance
Antibiotic administration and dosage
Anti-infective agents - Randomized controlled trials
Daycare centers
Drug Therapy
Epidemiology of AOM
Genetic aspects of AOM
Language and speech
Inflammation mediators
Otitis media with effusion
Prevention and control
Review articles
Risk factors
Tympanostomy tubes and ventilation