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University of Texas Medical Branch

Pediatric Residency Program
Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics

 curriculum for pediatric residents
on behavioral/emotional disorders and 
developmental disabilities

UTMB Pediatric Residents are scheduled for a four--week rotation in Behavioral-Developmental Pediatrics.   The goals for this rotation are to provide learning activities to assist you in the following tasks:

  1. Increasing your knowledge of developmental and behavioral disorders 

  2. Learning more about tools for assessing abnormal development and behavior 

  3. Learning more about pharmacotherapy for neurological and behavioral/emotional disorders 

  4. Practicing how to answer parents' questions about behavioral and developmental disorders 

  5. Familiarizing yourself with resources for behavioral-developmental pediatrics 

Complete Curriculum.  Link here to print the curriculum.  Residents are expected to review the curriculum and complete a self-assessment of competencies  before beginning the rotation, and review with faculty during Week One.


Expected Competencies - link here  for expected competencies relative to this rotation 


Schedule and Locations -  link here for schedule, contacts, locations


Resources - link here for selected readings, resources, and recommended websites

Curriculum Manager:  William Mize MD
Website Manager:  V. Niebuhr, PhD
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