This course follows the absence policy of the School of Medicine as defined by the Curriculum Committee.


Students are limited to a total of three days of absences from required activities in any SOM course. 


Anticipated absences must be reported in advance to the course directors (Drs. Smith-Phillips and Silva)  and the community preceptor.  Anticipated absences include residency interviews and examinations.  Documentation may  be required from the student to confirm participation in specific activities. 


Unanticipated absences (e.g. illness; injury) must be reported within 24 hours to the course directors and  to  the community preceptor.  Absences that are not reported in a timely manner will constitute unprofessional behavior and can result in a failing grade for the course. 


Absences that exceed the 3-day limit require consultation with the Course Director and the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.  Students are referred to the SOM Academic Policies for details, and should note that excessive absences can result in assignment of an Incomplete, Withdraw Passing, or Withdraw Failing grade.


An Incomplete grade will require the student to make up the absences to complete the course and receive a passing grade.  For Pedi ACS, the Undergraduate Medical Education Committee of the Department of Pediatrics will determine the make-up time.

Pedi ACS requires 20 full days.   No more than one - day per week can be scheduled for reading, studying, preparing module responses.  Saturday or evening work can count towards the 20 days if it involves a clinical activity or a community activity, but not reading-study-module work.