through Well Child Visits in Resident Continuity Clinic

In the Spring of each year, Residents will be observed while conducting a well-child visit.  Faculty will observe using surveillance cameras located in designated exam rooms in the resident Continuity Clinics both at the PCP-Galveston and at Academic Pediatrics at Bay Colony.  Faculty will complete an evaluation form, provide feedback, and the resident will complete a self-evaluation form.  Evaluations will be entered into the Resident's evaluation portfolio maintained by the Residency Program Office.


at PCP or Bay Colony



  1. Secure a spot at a PC in the Gen Peds workroom  (not a thin client)
  2. Open the WCC Observation/Evaluation form for yourself
  3. Print a Resident Self-Evaluation Form (to give to the resident)
  4. Print a Consent to Photograph


Explain to family that this is an activity to observe the provider.  Obtain informed consent. 
Note: Almost always we are not recording, only viewing.  If decision has been made to record,
explain to the family that the recording will only be used for educational purposes.



  1. Turn on the camera switch on the exam room wall (this turns the camera around and starts the mic)


VIEWING with video surveillance software.

Note:  the software has been loaded to PC's in the General Peds Workroom.

Only designated pediatric faculty have been given access to to this software.
You may also download the software on your office PC if you wish to observe from there.


  1. Sign-on to a computer (not a thin client) in the General Peds workroom. 
  2. Click the Milestone Systems icon à then Connect
The first time ever that you log-on you must add the server address:  Never again.
  1. Notice the tabs at the top of the window.  “Live” should be highlighted.


  2. Under “Views” window (left pane), select the room you will be observing.
  3. Insert headphones or ear buds into the earphone/speaker jack on the PC.



Use the Observed WCC faculty evaluation form

(difficult to type live on the Word form while viewing, so you might want a printed copy for note-taking )



For HELP with equipment or technical issues, contact:

- Trish Beach

- Kwabena Sarpong (at PCP)

- practice managers (Daryl Ewing or Ashley Dusek)

- Virginia Niebuhr

- or Video Operations at  409-747-9037  (Shandra Shumate , or others)

          note: If you need the software loaded on another PC, call Video Operations.