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Teaching about Electronic Health Records (EHR)

It is our goal to help Pediatric faculty improve skills for teaching learners about the EHR,
for teaching learners with the EHR, and using the EHR as a research tool.

Remote Access to Epic

using your Mobile iOS Device
using your MAC OS

Coding & Billing Series a series of presentations on optimizing coding and billing in defferent pediatric settings

Overview of E&M codes and CPT codes: (35 min presentation and Q&A )
Continuation of above and discussion of V codes and Modifiers: (8 min presentation, no Q & A)

In-Patient:Coding and documentation: (10 min presentation + 12 min Q&A)
Mental Health Services: (3 min presentation + 4 min Q & A)
Newborn nursery: (11 min presentation + 24 min Q & A)
Primary Codes: Use of modifiers and documentation: (9 min presentation + 6 min Q & A)
Specialty: Use of ICD-9 and CPT’s based on specialty work: (10 min presentation + 15 min Q & A)
Urgent Care: Use of E&M and LOS (CPTs) in UC venue: (8 min presentation + 16 min Q & A)

Frequently asked questions

Pedi Specific Epic TutorialsEpic Tutorials - Note: These are video tutorials, requiring a log-in with UTMB credentials because of Epic copyright.

Billing Buttons - for efficiency (3 min)
Billing for WCC - for a new diagnosis (3 min)
Billing for WCC with modifier - (3 min)
Billing for Sick Visit with additional charge captures  (6 min)

Result Noteswrite a visible comment about results (3 min)
Speed Buttons - to access frequently used templates (4 min)

Patient Care Coordination Notes - Asthma (3 min)
Preference Lists -  a time saver (3 min)
Sharing Smart Phrases - sharing and accessing Smart Phrases with others (2 min)
Smartsets -  use Smartsets to enter orders and select a template (5 min)

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