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PI: Christopher Fry, PhD
Source: National Institutes of Health/NIAMS
Grant #: R01 AR071398-01A1
Period: 03/26/18 – 02/28/23
Title: Mechanistic assessment of blood flow restricted training for an ACL injury
Goal: A Phase II Clinical Trial to determine the efficacy of blood flow restricted training (BFRT) in patients recovering from an ACL injury and reconstruction in addition to determining the underlying cellular mechanisms responsible through which BFRT improves muscle physiology and function. Role: Co-I

PI: James S. Goodwin, MD
Source: CPRIT
Grant #: RP160674
Period: 08/01/10 – 08/30/21
Title: Comparative Effectiveness Research on Cancer in Texas, (CERCIT)
Goal: CERCIT is a multidisciplinary consortium of investigators at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), MD Anderson Cancer Center, the University of Texas School of Public Health, UT Southwestern Medical Center and the Texas Cancer Registry. The overall goal of CERCIT is to create a statewide resource for outcomes and comparative effectiveness research on cancer for Texas.

PI: James S. Goodwin, MD
Source: AHRQ
Grant #: R24 HS022134
Period: 05/01/13 – 04/30/19
Title: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research in the Elderly
Goal: The goal of the project is to build infrastructure within UTMB to support research into patient-centered care and to educate investigators in the methodology of patient centered outcomes research (PCOR).

PI: Elizabeth Lyons, PhD
Source: NCI
Grant #: 1 K07CA175141-01
Period: 09/01/14 – 8/31/18
Title: LEVEL UP: Video Games for Activity in Breast Cancer Survivors
Goal: The goal of this project is to develop and test an intervention that uses video games to motivate postmenopausal breast cancer survivors to increase their physical activity.

PI: Elizabeth Lyons, PhD
Source: American Cancer Society
Grant #: MRSG-14-165-01-CPPB
Period: 01/01/15 – 12/31/19
Title: Self-Monitoring Activity: A Randomized Trial of Game-Oriented Applications
Goal: This study tests the feasibility and acceptability of mobile video games for physical activity promotion among postmenopausal breast cancer survivors. Two narrative-based walking games will be used to increase self-monitoring and autonomous motivation for walking.

PI: Kyriakos Markides, PhD
Source: NIA
Grant #: R01 AG10939
Period: 04/01/09 – 12/31/18
Title: Longitudinal Study of Mexican American Elderly Health (Hispanic EPESE)
Goal: A longitudinal study of at least 3,952 elderly Mexican Americans in the Southwest. The study is used to estimate prevalence and incidence of major conditions and disabilities and compare with other populations. Study predictors of mortality and change in health over time.

PI: Kyriakos Markides, PhD
Source: NIH
Grant #: T32 AG051131
Period: 07/01/15 – 06/30/20
Title: Clinical and Behavioral Science Training in Aging and Health Disparities
Goal: The MD-PhD program in clinical and behavioral sciences on health disparities in aging focuses on core areas of strengths in minority aging and health disparities research at UTMB, including: Hispanic and Hispanic/Latino health and aging, and disparities in health outcomes in older adults. These are areas in which the University has committed substantial resources toward creating new faculty positions and has demonstrated significant success in obtaining peer-reviewed (R01) support. In concert with the recently accredited graduate program in Population Health Sciences, this integrated curriculum throughout medical school and the graduate years will address both the clinical aspects and cutting edge research on health disparities in older adults.

PI: Kenneth Ottenbacher, PhD
Source: NIH
Grant #: K12 HD055929
Period: 09/25/07 – 08/31/22
Title:Rehabilitation Research Career Development Program
Goal: The RRCD Program recruits and trains rehabilitation scientists who are occupational and physical therapists. Program activities provide trainees with the skills necessary to become independent investigators and future leaders and mentors in rehabilitation.

PI: Kenneth Ottenbacher, PhD
Source: NIH
Grant #: P2C HD065702
Period: 07/03/10 – 06/30/20
Title: Center for Large Data Research and Data Sharing in Rehabilitation
Goal: The Center provides training and funding opportunities in the use of large administrative and research datasets to increase the quantity and quality of rehabilitation research.

PI: Douglas Paddon-Jones, PhD
Source: NINR
Grant #: R01 NR012973
Period: 02/15/12 – 12/31/18
Title: Preserving muscle mass and function in bedridden older adults
Goal: The goal of this study is to reduce the negative consequences of inactivity and promote rehabilitation in aging muscle.

PI: Blake Rasmussen, PhD
Source: Meiji Co., Ltd
Grant #: Research Award
Period: 05/15/17 – 05/31/18
Title: Effect of Whey Protein Hydrolysate on Human Muscle Protein Synthesis
Goal: Determine the anabolic potency and efficacy of a new and novel Whey Protein Hydrolysate mixture (WPH) on mammalian/mechanistic target of rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC1) signaling leading to skeletal muscle protein synthesis in healthy young subjects (age 20-35).

PI: Timothy Reistetter, PhD, OTR
Source: AHRQ
Grant #: R24 HS024711
Period: 08/01/16 – 05/31/20
Title: Geographic Variation in Rehabilitation Service: Development and Evaluation of Rehabilitation Service Areas
Goal: Develop and evaluate rehabilitation service areas for impairment groups who receive high cost post-acute services in inpatient rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and long-term care hospitals.

PI: Timothy Reistetter, PhD, OTR
Source: AHRQ
Grant #: R24 HS022134
Period: 05/01/13 – 04/30/19
Title: Comparative Effectiveness of Patient Centered Outcomes Following IRF and SNF Stroke Rehabilitation
Goal: The study will enhance the understanding and application of clinical and patient-oriented rehabilitation outcome decisions. The findings will inform rehabilitation professions, health services researchers, and policy makers in developing guidelines and practices that improve patient outcomes and the quality of stroke rehabilitation.

PI: Elena Volpi, MD, PhD
Source: UCLA
Grant #: R01
Title: Pragmatic Trial of the Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Dementia Care

PI: Elena Volpi, MD, PhD
Source: NIH/NIA
Grant #: R01 AG049611
Period: 08/15/16 – 05/31/21
Title: Identifying Therapeutic Targets of Accelerated Sarcopenia
Goals: The objective of the project is to examine the basic mechanisms that underlie accelerated sarcopenia in older adults and identify potential targets for interventions.

PI: Elena Volpi, MD, PhD (Rasmussen)
Source: NIH
Grant #: U01 AR071150
Period: 12/07/16 – 11/30/22
Title: University of Texas Adult Clinical Cente/Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity Consortium (MoTrPAC)
Goals: The overall goal of the consortium is to accelerate the identification of molecular and cellular transducers underlying the physiological effects of physical activity.

PI: Elena Volpi, MD, PhD (site)
Source: NIH/NIA
Grant #: R01 AG051647
Period: 09/15/17 – 05/31/22
Title: Combining Testosterone Therapy and Exercise to Improve Function Post Hip Fracture
Goals: The overall aim of this trial is to compare the effects of supervised exercise training combined with blinded T therapy (ET+T), with that of: (1) exercise with placebo T treatment (ET) and (2) with no ET combined with placebo T treatment (CON), to ascertain the incremental impact of adding T to ET in older adult women following hip fracture.

PI: Elena Volpi, MD, PhD
Source: National Dairy Council
Grant #: Research Award
Period: 02/01/18 – 01/31/21
Title: A Phase I Randomized Clinical Trial of In-hospital and Post-hospital Whey Protein vs. Low Quality Protein vs. Isocaloric Placebo Supplementation to Improve Recovery from Hospitalization in Older Adults
Goals: The goal of this study will be to test in older adults the feasibility and efficacy on functional outcomes of whey protein vs. a low quality collagen protein vs. non-protein placebo supplementation during and after hospitalization for an acute medical condition.

PI: Elena Volpi, MD, PhD
Source: PCORI (UCLA Subaward)
Grant #: PCORI
Period: 04/01/18 – 03/31/2023
Title: Comparative Effectiveness of Health System-based Versus Community-based Dementia Care
Goals: The overall goal of this clinical trial is to compare Health-System Based Dementia Care vs. Community Based Dementia Care in geriatric patients with dementia.

PI: Elena Volpi, MD, PhD (site)
Grant #: U01 AG048270
Period: 05/03/14 – 11/30/19
Title: A Randomized Trial of a Multifactorial Fall Injury Prevention Strategy
Goals: The major goal of this patient-centered intervention is to reduce the risk of serious fall injuries among non-institutionalized older persons using an adaptive design.

PI: Rebeca Wong, PhD
Source: NIH/NIA
Grant #: T32 AG002070
Period: 09/01/15 – 05/31/18
Title: MHAS Cognitive Aging Ancillary Study
Goal: The overall goal of the proposed project is to assess the prevalence and risk factors of dementia and other cognitive impairments in Mexico with a harmonized approach, working with similar studies globally that use national samples and a population-based approach.

PI: Rebeca Wong, PhD
Source: NIA
Grant #: T32 AG002070
Period: 05/01/04 – 05/31/20
Title: Health of Older Minorities – Training Grant
Goal: The goal of this pre and postdoctoral training program is to recruit academically promising candidates into the study of health of older minorities and comparative effectiveness research.

PI: Rebeca Wong, PhD
Source: NIA
Grant #: R01 AG018016
Period: 09/30/99 – 03/31/22
Title: The Mexican Health and Aging Study II (MHAS)
Goal: The proposed study aims to design and field the 3rd and 4th waves of data collection in Mexico. This is a longitudinal prospective study of Mexican aging starting with a national sample of persons aged 50 and older, with the first two waves fielded in 2001 and 2003. Funds will be used to archive and disseminate the 3rd and 4th rounds as well as the resulting integrated database containing all four waves.


PI: Kenneth Ottenbacher, PhD
Source: DOE
Grant #: H233G140127
Period: 10/01/14 – 09/30/17
Title: Hospital readmission following post acute care
Goal: This study examines hospital readmission for persons in high volume, high cost impairment groups who receive post-acute care services including inpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing facilities, and care from home health agencies.

PI: Kenneth Ottenbacher, PhD
Source: DOE
Grant #: H233P110012
Period: 10/01/11 – 09/30/16
Title: Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Research Postdoctoral Training
Goal: The grant provides support for postdoctoral fellows participating in rehabilitation and disability research.

PI: Kenneth Ottenbacher, PhD
Source: NIH
Grant #: R01HD069443
Period: 07/05/12 – 04/30/18
Title: Hospital Readmission and Inpatient Medical Rehabilitation
Goal: The study examines the rates and reasons for hospital readmission using CMS files in high volume and high cost patients, such as those with stroke or hip fracture, who receive inpatient medical rehabilitation.

PI: Kenneth Ottenbacher, PhD
Source: NIH
Grant #: R01 MD010355
Period: 02/10/15 – 11/30/19
Title: Long-term Health Outcomes in Mexican American Older Adults
Goal: Explore the transitions and trajectories associated with fraility in Mexican American older adults.

PI: Douglas Paddon-Jones, PhD
Source: Dairy Research Institute
Period: 08/01/12 – 12/31/16
Title: Whey protein, aging and physical inactivity
Goal: The goal is to assess the ability of whey protein to protect muscle mass and function during inactivity.

PI: Blake Rasmussen, PhD
Source: Solae, LLC.
Period: 09/01/13 – 06/01/16
Title: A Randomized, Controlled Double Blind Acute Study: Effects of Protein Blend Supplementation Following Resistance Exercise in Older Men
Goal: The major goals are to determine whether a blend of high quality proteins consumed as a nutritional supplement following an acute bout of resistance exercise will improve muscle mTORC1 signaling and protein synthesis as compared to a single protein source.

PI: Blake Rasmussen, PhD
Source: Navitor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Period: 10/15/14 – 10/15/15
Title: Effect of Specific Amino Acids on Human Muscle Protein Synthesis
Goal: The major goals are to determine which specific amino acids induce the largest increase in translation initiation, protein synthesis and mTORC1 signaling in human skeletal muscle.

PI: Timothy Reistetter, PhD, OTR
Source: NICHD
Grant #: K01 HD068513
Period: 04/01/11 – 08/31/15
Title: Regional Variability in Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities among Medicare Beneficiaries
Goal: The Specific Aims of this project are to: 1) Describe the differences in rehabilitation outcomes (length of stay, functional status, community discharge, re-hospitalization, and mortality) across Hospital Referral Regions (HRR) for older adults who have experienced a stroke or hip fracture; 2) Determine how much variation in these outcomes is attributed to the patient, facilities and regions; and 3) Identify patient, facility, and geographic characteristics that independently contribute to variation in these rehabilitation outcomes.

PI: Taylor Riall, MD, PhD
Source: CPRIT
Grant #: RP101207
Period: 08/01/10 – 07/31/16
Title: Quality of Post Treatment Surveillance of Cancer Patients in Texas
Goal: The grant supports the linkage of Texas Cancer Registry data to Medicare and Medicaid data, in order to support population-based analyses of screening for, and diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment surveillance of cancer patients in Texas, with a particular emphasis on disparities in cancer care associated with race/ethnicity and rural residence.

PI: Gulshan Sharma, MD
Source: UT System
Period: 06/01/12 – 04/15/16
Title: The University of Texas System Chancellor's Health Fellow for Systems Engineering Grant
Goal: This study aims for systems engineering to provide integrated care for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

PI: Melinda Sheffield-Moore, PhD
Source: Transitional Learning Center
Period: 09/01/13 – 08/31/16
Title: Growth hormone or sildenafil as a novel function-promoting therapy for fatigue, cognition and neuroplasticity in mTBI
Goal: The goal of this pilot grant is to assess whether growth hormone therapy can reduce symptoms of fatigue (performance and cognitive) and improve neuroplasticity as measured by fMRI and DTI in military fighters with mild traumatic brain injuries.

PI: Labros Sidossis, PhD
Source: ADA
Grant #: 1 14 TS 35
Period: 01/01/14 – 12/31/16
Title: Effect of Brown Adipose Tissue activation on insulin sensitivity in humans
Goal: To determine the effects of brown adipose tissue, activated by mild cold exposure, on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity in overweight and obese humans.

PI: Labros Sidossis, PhD
Source: Shriners Hospitals for Children
Grant #: 84090
Period: 01/01/09 – 12/31/16
Title: Special Shared Facility -- Mass Spectrometry Core
Goal: To maintain a mass spectrometry facility that enables the continued application of stable isotope methodology to the study of the response of humans to severe injury, stress, and rehabilitation. This includes service (routine sample analysis), method development (both analytical and theoretical), and education regarding stable isotope techniques.

PI: Labros Sidossis, PhD
Source: Shriners Hospitals for Children
Grant #: 85310
Period: 01/01/14 – 12/31/16
Title: Effect of severe burn injury and propranolol on adipose tissue metabolism
Goal: To determine the effects of severe burn injury on brown and white adipose tissue metabolism and the role of adrenergic stimulation on whole body and tissue metabolism in children 6-17 yr.

PI: Elena Volpi, MD, PhD (site)
Source: NIA
Grant #: U01 AG029824
Period: 09/15/09 – 01/31/17
Title: Aspirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly (ASPREE)
Goals: The major goals are to determine if the potential benefits of aspirin outweigh the risks for people over age 65.

PI: Elena Volpi, MD, PhD
Source: DRI
Grant #: 1229
Period: 01/01/14 – 12/31/16
Title: Whey protein and exercise to accelerate recovery of muscle mass and function after acute hospitalization in previously independent older adults
Goals: The goal of this project is to collect preliminary and feasibility data to determine if a 30-day nutritional and/or in-home exercise intervention can accelerate functional recovery in older adults discharged from the hospital.

PI: Elena Volpi, MD, PhD (site)
Source: NIMHD
Grant #: U24 MD006941
Period: 09/20/11 – 06/30/16
Title: A Randomized Recruitment Intervention (RECRUIT)
Goals: Our goal is to develop and implement a randomized trial of a recruitment intervention to increase racial/ethnic diversity.

PI: Rebeca Wong, PhD
Source: NIA
Grant #: R03 AG048809
Period: 09/30/14 – 05/31/16
Title: Dynamic of Economic Well-Being and Health in a Rapidly-Aging Developing Economy: the Case of Mexico
Goal: The immediate project goal is to identify how various dimensions of health affect economic well-being for different groups in a rapidly aging country, Mexico.

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