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Resources for Families

ISCU suppliesPlease note that searching the internet for ‘Perinatal Hospice’ will provide a large number of resources in addition to the ones below. There is also an array of books on the topic easily found on sites such as amazon.com. We have chosen the ones we have found most useful for healthcare providers to give to families and when possible have summarized others into concise synopsis for your patient.




Intro to Perinatal Hospice for Families Introduccion al Hospicio Perinatal (informacion para familias)
Making Memories of Our Baby Haciendo memorias de nuestro bebe
Planning a Meaningful goodbye Planeando una despedida significativa
Newborn Death La muerte del recien nacido
Stillbirth La pérdida inesperada de su bebé
Losing one or more of multiples El perder uno de multiples
Parents and Grief - Couples El duelo de ambos padres como pareja
Parents and Grief - Single Parents Sufriendo la pérdida de su bebé como  padre o madre soltero/a
Fathers Grief  El duelo del Padre
Compassionate Friends Flyer (PDF)  


HUgging in sadness

Bereavement Retreats Available through Hospice
Care Team. Please call:

Men's Grief Retreat:
(800) 545-8738

Women's Grief Retreat:
(800) 545-8738