Welcome to the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at UTMB

Dr. Sowers lab

Among the basic biomedical sciences, the disciplines of pharmacology and toxicology occupy a unique position through their focus on the beneficial and harmful effects of drugs and other chemicals.

Pharmacologists seek not only to understand fundamental biological processes, but also to find ways to alter them.

The interaction between chemicals and biological systems is the unifying theme in the department.

In pursuing this theme, our faculty is capitalizing on recent advances in molecular and cellular biology, genomics, structural biology, and chemistry.


The Graduate Program in Pharmacology and Toxicology

has the dual overarching aims of (1) advancing scientific knowledge, and (2) preparing students to become independent scientists.
The Program is housed within the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology which has 14 full-time faculty members. An additional 8 faculty from other medical school departments are also active members of this graduate program, bringing the total number of participant faculty to 22. These faculty are involved in a wide range of research problems in which technicians, postdoctoral fellows and graduate student researchers play a substantial role.
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