Pharmacology and Toxicology - Research


The following research questions are currently under investigation:

What are the molecular mechanisms controlling cell proliferation?
What mechanisms underlie tissue homeostasis?
By what mechanisms do nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs injure the intestine?
How do signaling molecules such as protein kinases and GTP-binding proteins regulate various important cellular processes?
What neurotransmitters and receptors are involved in stress disorder, depression, and anxiety?
How to the actions of a psychosis-causing drug inform a strategy for treating schizophrenia?
Will early disease biomarkers provide superior modalities to monitor the at risk population?
How does exposure to environmental contaminants affect normal physiology and human health?
What are the molecular mechanisms involved in the role of the human placenta as a functional barrier regulating fetal exposure to medications and environmental toxins?
What are the preclinical and clinical investigations required to make an existing medication available for treatment of the pregnant addict to opiate and or nicotine?
What new strategies can target and treat metastatic cancer?
Can adipose stem cells be used to treat cancer?
How can nanoparticles improve drug delivery and pharmacokinetics?
What are the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying synaptic transmission and excitability in the brain?
What new strategies are available to target neuronal ion channels for medication development?
Do neural pathways in the brain that are involved in drug addiction overlap with neural pathways that are involved in eating?
What mechanisms underlie the propensity to relapse to addiction during abstinence?
Which mechanistic targets hold promise in developing new medications for addiction?