Pharmacology and Toxicology - Students

Muayad Almahariq, B.A.

Program: Ph.D.

Advisor: Xiaodong Cheng, Ph.D.

Muayad was born in Ramallah, West Bank, where he spent the first 17 years of his life before moving to Vancouver, Canada to finish high school. He received his B.A. in Biochemistry from Middlebury College, Vermont before moving to New York City to work as a Research Assistant at the Rockefeller University.

Muayad joined UTMB in 2009 with the expectations of gaining rigorous clinical and basic science training through the MD-PhD program. He currently works with Dr. Xiaodong Cheng to gain a better understanding of the molecular mechanism of pancreatic cancer migration to identify possible pharmacologic targets of the treatment of this neoplasm. He was recently awarded a pre-doctoral fellowship by the NIH supported Keck Center of the Gulf Coast Consortia.