Pharmacology and Toxicology - Students

Barsam Mirfattah, M.Sc.

Program: Ph.D.

Barsam was born in Tehran, Iran, and was raised in Inssbruck Austria. She earned her BS in chemistry and her masters in organic chemistry in Tehran, Iran. Her thesis was titled Ring Rearrangements Reaction of 9, 9-Dicholoro, 9H-Cyclopropa (e) Pyrene in Presence of Aminoacids. After graduation, she started working in industry and then joined Tehran International School (TIS) and Pakistan Embassy School and College (PESC) teaching chemistry and biology for IB (Sublevel and high level) and A level programs.

Barsam joined UTMB in 2010, as a graduate student in the Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology graduate program. After completing several laboratory rotations in different research areas, she decided to work in Dr. Bernard Montgomery Pettitt's group, studying behavior of proteins and nucleic acids in complex biological fluids.

In her spare time Barsam enjoys playing with her new daughter Leah. She also cooks professionally, plays computer games, swims and watches movies. Mainly she loves being with family, friends and hanging out.