PMCH Current Students


Current Students

Curriculum Plans

Official course descriptions can be found on the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences' (GSBS) website

Preparing for Graduation

Doctoral candidates should work closely with their advisor and plan in advance for oral defense of their dissertation and graduation.

  1. Complete a final draft of your dissertation.
  2. Submit a GSBS Request for Final Oral Exam form at least two (2) weeks prior to your selected oral defense date.
  3. At your defense, get each member of your committee to use black ink to sign
  4. Following your defense, make the changes required by your committee and submit the final version electronically to the PMCH Vice Chair for Education (M. Kristen Peek, PhD)
    You must submit it in Microsoft Word format. She will then use plagiarism software, such as iThenticate, to validate its originality.
  5. Submit the final dissertation electronically, as approved by the Vice Chair, to the GSBS Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Joan Nichols, PhD, for additional review and/or changes.
  6. Once approved by the Associate Dean, you may upload it to the Electronic Thesis Dissertation website.
  7. Complete the GSBS Graduation Packet (under Current Students on the GSBS website), completing all items on the checklist, and submit the packet to the coordinator for your graduate program. The coordinator will retain a copy and submit it to the GSBS for processing.