Our Programs

Our five primary educational programs offer an array of educational opportunities for graduate students, physicians, medical students, and health science professionals.

Clinical Science

Scientific investigations in humans are essential for understanding human biology and for advancing medicine and human health.  The multi-disciplinary Program in Clinical Science leads to the PhD or MS degree, and provides the didactic and experiential education required for the conduct of clinical and translational research. We also offer an opportunity for a dual MD/MS degree.

Our program offers four concentrations for study: biostatistics, clinical investigation, health informatics, and health services research.

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Public Health

Public health is a dynamic, multi-disciplinary field focused on the prevention of disease and disability and the promotion of health in communities and populations. The program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to succeed in careers that bridge medicine and public health. The program leads to the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree. In addition, we offer an undergraduate medicine track, certificate programs for professionals, and dual-degree programs (MD/MPH and PhD/MPH).

Our program offers three concentrations for study: aerospace medicine, biostatistics, and epidemiology.

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Population Health Sciences

The Population Health Sciences (PHS) Graduate Program prepares students to conduct, communicate, and apply research aimed at the protection, promotion, and restoration of health in human populations. The program leads to a doctoral (PhD) or master's (MS) degree.

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Rehabilitation Sciences

Rehabilitation Sciences research is interdisciplinary and examines methods of prevention, intervention, and recovery associated with disabilities and chronic disease at limit a person's ability to engage in meaningful personal, community, recreational, and vocational activities. The program leads to a PhD degree.

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Medical Humanities

The Medical Humanities Graduate Program offers graduate work for students pursuing an MA or a PhD in the medical humanities. The Medical Humanities Graduate Program also coordinates plans of study leading to MD/PhD degrees and JD/PhD degrees (in collaboration with the University of Houston Law Center).

The Medical Humanities Graduate Program is administered by the UTMB Health Institute of Medical Humanities.

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