Vision, Mission, Core Values and Strategies


Health for all through integrated interdisciplinary solutions.


To apply our interdisciplinary expertise toward improving health and function and reducing health inequities in the communities we serve.

Core Values

We address complex health problems with a commitment to:

Integration—We integrate our multiple disciplinary perspectives and skills to problem solve.

Collaboration—We collaborate with our clinical and community partners, locally and globally, to improve health outcomes.

Impact—We conduct our mission activities to produce a visible impact on health and equity.

Equity—We are committed to producing equitable and just outcomes for all learners, collaborators, patients, and communities.


We integrate the skills and perspectives of the humanities and the quantitative, clinical, and social sciences as we:

  • Produce research and scholarship that informs effective health care, health system, and public health practice and policy;
  • Provide clinical and community-based services that promote individual and population health;
  • Prepare learners who will make similar contributions in their research, practice, and teaching careers.