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Office of Biostatistics Statistical Personnel


Yong-Fang Kuo, PhD

  • Expertise: Survival Analysis, Longitudinal Studies, Aging
  • Affiliations: PMPH Sealy Center on Aging, Internal Medicine

Jacques Baillargeon, PhD

  • Expertise: Study Design, Pharmacoepidemiology, Health ServicesResearch
  • Affiliations: PMPH, Sealy Center on Aging

Daniel C. Jupiter, PhD

  • Expertise: Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Administrative Databases, Podiatry
  • Affiliations: PMPH

Heidi Spratt, PhD

  • Expertise: Bioinformatics, Classification Techniques, Machine Learning, Biomarker Discovery
  • Affiliations: PMPH, The Center for Addiction Research

Xiaoying Yu, PhD

  • Expertise: Study Design, Longitudinal Data Analysis, HIV
  • Affiliations: PMPH

Dong D. Zhang, PhD

  • Expertise: Cancer Surveillance and Control Research, Population Based Health Services Research, Medicare Data Warehousing
  • Affiliations: Sealy Center On Aging, Internal Medicine


Gwen Baillargeon, MS

  • Expertise: Biostatistician and SAS Certified Programmer, Data Management
  • Affiliations: PMPH and CMC

Lin-Na Chou, MS

  • Expertise: SAS® Certified Programmer, Clinical Trial, Data Analysis
  • Affiliations: PMPH

Allen Haas, MS

  • Expertise: Logistic Regression, Statistical Programming, Data Management
  • Affiliations: PMPH

Enshou Hsu, MS

  • Expertise: SAS® Certified Programmer, Medicare Data, Data Management, Statistical Programming, Clarity Data Model EpicCare Inpatient Certified
  • Affiliations: PMPH

Shuang Li, MD, PhD

  • Expertise: Generalized Linear Mixed Model, Categorical Data Analysis, Survival Analysis, High-Throughput Data Analysis
  • Affiliations: Sealy Center on Aging

Yu-Li Lin, MS

  • Expertise: Logistic Regression, Survival Analysis, Mixed Models, Data Management
  • Affiliations: PMPH

Efstathia Polychronopoulou, MS

  • Expertise: Data Management, Medicare Data, Logistic Regression
  • Affiliations: PMPH

Jordan Westra, MPH

  • Expertise: Medicare Data, Data analysis, Data management
  • Affiliations: PMPH
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