Physician’s Billing Service (PBS) is responsible for the coding and billing for all charges provided by providers within Faculty Group Practice. The majority of providers are medical doctors (MD), but we also bill for various mid level providers.

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Physician Billing Services

We provide a convenient off-campus location to serve our patients at 123 Rosenberg (Shearn Moody Plaza).  Many Texans recognize this landmark at the western end of The Strand, but some only remember it as the Railroad Museum. Our Customer Service line is (409) 747-4004

Our mission is:
To provide Efficient and Informative Patient Account Management Focused on Maximizing Physician  Reimbursement

Our Department is comprised of 4 areas with smaller teams (Org Chart) focused on specific tasks within the Revenue Cycle

Fun Facts (2010):

  • We coded, posted and billed  $367,708,811 in charges
  • We collected  $130,289,358 in payments
  • We submitted 1,359,186 insurance claims  (94% submitted electronically)
  • We mailed out 207,578 patient statements
  • We responded to 17,825 patient phone calls



Medical Billing