Executive Internship Program

Provost Executive Internship Program Alumni

Summer 2016

Elizabeth Mouton, 2016
Intern, University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri
Currently: Enrolled in Master’s of Healthcare
Administration Program

Summer 2013

Lauren Fulmer   Nickolas Nguyen
Lauren Fulmer, 2013
Intern, Sam Houston State University
Currently: Management Analyst at UTMB
  Nickolas Nguyen, 2013
Intern, Texas A&M University
Currently: Account Specialist,
Aon Risk Solutions

Summer 2012

Holt Biedermann   Shafiq Marediya
Holt Biedermann, 2012
Intern, Texas A&M University
Currently: Sales Coordinator, Tenaris
  Shafiq Marediya, 2012
Intern, Texas A&M University
Currently: Fullstack Software Developer

Summer 2011

Anthony Martinez   Brittany Villasana
Anthony Martinez, 2011
Intern, Texas A&M University
Currently: Consultant,
Quorum Business Solutions
  Brittany Villasana, 2011
Intern, University of Texas
Currently: Financial Analyst
Applied Materials

Summer 2010

Steven Bass   Ashley Chambers
Steven Bass, 2010
Intern, Texas A&M University
Currently: Accounting Analyst,
Targa Resources
  Ashley Chambers Smith, 2010
Intern, University of Texas,
Currently: Senior Accounting Analyst, Covenant Management Systems

Summer 2008


Summer 2006

Wade Radicioni   Michael Patriarca
Wade Radicioni, 2008
Intern, Texas A&M University,
Currently: Assistant Director of Operations, UT Southwestern
  Michael Patriarca, 2006
Intern, Texas A&M University,
Currently: Director, Finance, UT Southwestern Medical Center

This is a paid Executive Internship that provides an opportunity to become a part of the Provost Administration team at University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston. This internship program is focused at bringing in top tier undergraduate Business majors in either their junior or senior year, who have an interest in both business and operations. Interns work on both day to day operational and analytical tasks and special projects during their time here, typically from May - August. Interns are given the opportunity to interact and work with executive leadership on a daily basis, developing skills that are useful throughout their careers. This opportunity is a unique experience that requires a strong quantitative background. This is a seasoned executive program with several former interns becoming permanent employees after graduation.

Interns will participate in multiple functions within the Provost Administration group, including: strategic/business planning, valuation analysis, capital planning, performance analytics, variance analytics, operations, and reporting.

UTMB is a $1.5 billion State Academic Medical Center and a component of the University of Texas System. Our 84-acre main campus includes four schools, three institutes for advanced study, a major medical library, a network of hospitals and clinics that provide a full range of primary and specialized medical care, an affiliated Shriners Burns Hospital, and numerous research facilities.