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(posted Thursday, Aug.13, 2009 10:30 a.m.  pv)

Catalytic converter thefts

UTMB police report a series of incidents where thieves are stealing catalytic converters from cars on and around campus. Catalytic converters contain precious metals such as platinum, gold or rhodium. SUV’s are especially susceptible because they sit high off the ground and thieves can more easily crawl under them and cut the converter off a vehicle. Please report any suspicious activity to campus police at 21111.



Feb. 24, 2009: Campus Crime Alert Update: Suspects Arrested

The UTMB Police Department recently arrested three women for the robbery that took place Friday, Feb. 6, at 12th & Mechanic streets. UTMB Police also located the vehicle reportedly used in the robbery and recovered the victim’s gray-colored sports bag, Sony laptop, credit cards and GPS tracking device.

The Police Department reminds UTMB employees, students and visitors to follow these safety tips on and off campus:

  • Park in well-lit areas and always lock your vehicle.
  • Always check for intruders inside your vehicle (front and back seats) before getting in.
  • Never leave a purse, packages or valuables such as electronics in plain view; if possible, lock items in your trunk.
  • Always stay alert and pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Exercise caution.
  • Promptly report any unusual activity on or near UTMB property to UTMB Police at x22691.
  • UTMB Police provide free escorts (“Safety Watch”) on UTMB campus from dusk until dawn.

Feb. 9, 2009: Campus Crime Advisory: Robbery near 12th and Mechanic

On Friday, Feb. 6, 2009, at approximately 7:20 p.m., a UTMB researcher was robbed at 12th St. and Mechanic while walking toward Parking Garage # 93 (near the School of Nursing and School of Health Professions).

As he walked, the researcher noticed a white Ford pickup truck pull up along the curb. The vehicle was occupied by two women he described as Hispanic.

He reported one of the females exited from the passenger side and stated "I need money for my kids." She then snatched his gray-colored sports bag. The female raised her right arm and pointed her hand toward the researcher, but no weapon is known to have been displayed in the robbery.

The victim reported that the second suspect exited from the driver's side of the vehicle as the robbery was taking place. When the first female ran back to the vehicle, they fled the scene, headed west on Strand.

The first suspect is described as a Hispanic female, wearing a pony tail, approximately 5' 9" to 6 feet tall, in her early twenties. The second suspect could only be described as a Hispanic female.

They were driving a white Ford midsize pickup truck, with a Texas license plate that partially read “2KZ.”

The stolen sports bag contained a Sony laptop, several credit cards and a GPS tracking device.

Members of the campus community are advised to always stay alert and pay attention to their surroundings, exercise caution and promptly report any unusual activity on or near university property to campus police. Remember that the UTMB Police Department provides a free escort service ("Safety Watch") for persons walking on campus after dark. Call ext. 22691 for details.

If you have any information that could aid in the investigation of this offense, please call UTMB Police at (409) 772-1111.

Crime Prevention TIPS

  • Park in well lighted areas and always lock your vehicle.

  • Look inside the front and back seat before you enter your vehicle.

  • Never leave purses/packages in plain view inside of your vehicle.


For information about the UTMB Police web site, please contact Sgt. A. DeRanieri

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