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Lock Shop

UTMB Lock Shop Policy

Contact Us:
On Campus 2-5690 / Off Campus (409)772-5690.

The Lock Shop:
Richard Ruiz, Leanard Moore, Jorge Careaga, and Neicy Kerlegan.



Issued Keys

    In order for an employee or student to obtain keys, their supervisor must make the request through their departmental Key Control Officer (KCO).  The KCO will then need to go online to the University Police website "Lock Shop" link for the “Key Request Form” link (here), and complete the request thru Corrigo.If you are requesting multiple keys, please use the Multiple Key Form. (here)

     The employee or student must sign for all keys in room 2.950 in the Rebecca Sealy building, 404 8th Street, whereupon they become his/her responsibility.

Lost Keys

     Lost, mislaid or broken keys are to be reported to supervisory personnel immediately. Supervisory personnel must report lost, mislaid or broken keys to the Lock Shop located in Room 2.950 in the Rebecca Sealy building, 404 8th Street.

Returned Keys

     Departmental keys are returned to the in Room 2.950 in the Rebecca Sealy building, 404 8th Street. Keys assigned through the Lock Shop must be returned to the Lock Shop and initialed by the employee in order for the employee to be free of liability for the assigned key(s).  Student's final grade will be withheld if all keys issued to him/her have not been returned and checked in to the Lock Shop upon completing field work assignments.

Termination of Employment

      Upon termination of employment, all employees, faculty, students, volunteers, contractors, and vendors upon termination, graduation must return their issued Keys to the Lock Shop office of the University Police, located in Room 2.950 in the Rebecca Sealy building, 404 8th Street.

For information about the UTMB Police web site, please contact Sgt. A. DeRanieri

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