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Operation Identification

Operation Identification
Operation ID is a citizen burglary prevention program that you can use in your home.  The program involves engraving you property, with an identifying number, which discourages a thief from burglarizing your home.  Reductions in burglaries have been shown in communities where Operation ID has been implemented.

There are three parts to operation ID;

  1. Mark your property
  2. List your Property on Inventory Forms
  3. Display an Operation ID sticker.

Mark your valuables with your Driver’s License Number to help your property be traced back to you.  Using your Driver’s License is recommended because it is unique to you and identifies you as the owner. To properly mark your items, engrave your State abbreviation, DL# and end with your State abbreviation. 

Example: TX123456789TX

Your property should be marked in a location that is not easily seen or can be taken off.  Once an item has been marked, record the information on a form and keep the forms it in a safe place.  If an item is unable to be marked, take a photograph and keep the photograph with your list of marked items.
Make it a habit to mark your property when you first get it. 

When you complete your property list be sure to include all fields: When you purchased it, where you purchased it, how much it cost, the model number and serial number.

Display an Operation ID sticker on your home to let thieves know that you participate in the Operation ID program and your property is marked.

What makes this program successful is it makes it hard for a thief to get rid of your property and it identifies you as the owner.  It is solid evidence of possession of stolen goods.

Participation is simple.  Simply contact the UTMB Police Department at (409)772-2691 and ask about borrowing an electric engraver.  When borrowing an engraver, you will be asked to show your Driver’s License and complete a form to show you borrowed our engraver. 

Property inventory forms will also be provided to you in order for you to create your personal property list.  (Print Forms)

There is no charge for this service and all that we ask is for you to return our engraver within 48 hours.  You can also elect to purchase your own engraver from a local hardware store.  They are relatively inexpensive and would provide you with what is needed as new items are brought into your household.  If you elect to purchase your own engraver we can still issue you an “Operation ID” Sticker.


If you would like more information, please contact us at (409)772-2691 and ask to speak with one of our Crime Prevention officers.


For information about the UTMB Police web site, please contact Sgt. A. DeRanieri

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