Effort Report Policy Term Definition

This is also known as the effort card. A form used by UTMB to document the proportion of total Effort devoted by an employee to each activity with which he or she is involved, including Sponsored Projects, administration, teaching and service. This document becomes UTMB’s official verification that the IBS charged to a Sponsored Project is consistent with the Actual Effort expended on the project. The sum of all reported Actual Effort percentages on the Effort Report represents the employee’s total Effort. By definition, total Effort must always equal 100%.

An Effort Report must be completed for all Individuals with Effort on a Sponsored Project by someone with suitable means of verification of the Effort expended on a project. This may be the Individual or it may be the direct supervisor. Confirmation of the Effort expended must be made in accordance with this policy. A Supporting Individual may not confirm the Effort expended on the Effort Report.