Individual Policy Term Definition

An Individual is anyone who has committed and/or reported Effort on a Sponsored Project regardless of whether salary was charged to the project or not. Where appropriate in this policy the following subcategories will be utilized:

  • A Primary Individual is a person listed as principal investigator (PI), project director, co-investigator, co-project director, or those with comparable responsibilities on a Sponsored Project application. A Primary Individual typically, but not always, carries an academic (i.e. faculty) appointment.
  • Supporting Individual is an employee other than a Primary Individual who has expended Effort on a sponsored program. The Supporting Individual may or may not have been identified on the funded application and typically does not have Committed Effort greater than the amount paid on a specific Sponsored Program.

An Individual designated as Key Personnel may be either a Primary Individual or a Supporting Individual based on the unique circumstances of a specific Sponsored Project.