Qualified Legal Alien Policy Term Definition

A person who:

  • Has been admitted to the U.S. for Lawful Permanent Residence under the Immigration and Nationality Act or
  • Has been admitted to the U.S. as an asylee/refugee; an alien whose deportation is being withheld; a Cuban/Haitian entrant; an Amerasian Lawful Permanent Resident; a victim of severe trafficking; a U.S. military active duty or veteran, spouse/dependents; and the alien battered spouse or child(ren) of a U.S. military active duty or veteran regardless of the length of residence in the United States.

An alien whose presence in the United States is based solely upon a non-immigrant visa (e.g., student visas, work permits, visitors’ permits or other temporary circumstances) is not a Qualified Legal Alien.

Note: Qualified alien status is not required for emergent or unplanned services. e.g.: Emergency Department outpatients or Emergency Department generated admissions.