Workplace Violence Policy Term Definition

Threatening and/or violent behavior that can include but is not limited to:

  • Physically assaulting an individual, by slapping, hitting, punching, pushing, poking or kicking; or physical threats to inflict physical harm;
  • Arson, sabotage, equipment vandalism, damaging or destroying property, throwing or hitting objects;
  • Displaying a weapon or an object which appears to be a weapon in a threatening manner; carrying a firearm of any kind onto University owned or controlled property; except parking lots and garages, or using a weapon to harm someone;
  • Intimidating or threatening gestures, bullying or hazing;
  • Intimidating, threatening, hostile or abusive language directed toward another person that communicates the intention to engage in violence against that individual and leads a reasonable individual to expect that violent behavior may occur;
  • Stalking another individual