Student Policy Term Definition

As used in IHOP - 07.01.03 - Student Conduct and Discipline, includes: (1) a person currently enrolled at UTMB; (2) a person accepted for admission or readmission to UTMB; (3) a person who has been enrolled at UTMB in a prior semester or summer session and is eligible to continue enrollment in the semester or summer session that immediately follows; and (4) a person who engaged in prohibited conduct at a time when he or she met the criteria of 1, 2, or 3 above (e.g., because the facts were not known while the student was enrolled, or an investigation or hearing process was initiated but not completed while the student was enrolled).  Once a proceeding or investigation has been initiated, a student’s rights and obligations are not affected in any way if he or she ceases to be enrolled as a student. If a student withdraws while an investigation is in progress, the withdrawal may be reflected on the transcript.