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Message from the President: Diversity Council Reorganization

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dr. David L. Callender, President

Diversity Council Applications of Interest Now Being Accepted; Group Reorganizing to Better Reflect University Community

Diversity is a UTMB core value, underscoring our long-time understanding that the university community is more effective in fulfilling its vital mission when people of all perspectives and backgrounds are involved in charting our road ahead. The UTMB Diversity Council was originally created to help facilitate just such a culture of inclusion. Over the past year, the council has been working to bring greater emphasis to the importance of diversity and inclusion in our efforts to improve health in Texas and beyond. A key next step is to reconstitute the council’s membership base to better reflect our employee and student diversity and current institutional structure.
I invite and encourage anyone who is interested in serving on the reorganized Diversity Council to complete an application of interest. Paper copies of the application also are available in Bethel Hall, Room 2.201, and the Jamail Student Center; they should be submitted online, in person (Bethel Hall, Room 2.201, or Jamail Student Center), or by campus mail to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (mail route 0842) no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, June 28, 2013.
Members of the Diversity Council will work together to:
  • harness the broad spectrum of ideas, experiences and voices that characterize the UTMB community;
  • preserve an inclusive and collaborative community that actively promotes and values diversity in its broadest sense; and
  • ensure that best practices in support of diversity and inclusion are woven throughout the fabric of university life.
The council will meet monthly over a lunch hour; teleconference connections can be arranged for members who do not work on the Galveston campus. Please contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at culture@utmb.edu with any questions regarding the council’s activities or the time commitment involved.
I look forward to our shared involvement in this important effort to maintain a diverse, inclusive working and learning environment for our students, faculty, staff, patients, constituents, communities and other stakeholders.
Dr. David L. Callender