U.S. Executive Order on Immigration

Tuesday, Jan 31, 2017

Dr. David L. Callender, President

The University of Texas Medical Branch is proud of the diversity of students, faculty and staff on all three of our campuses and throughout our network of clinics. Diversity is a core value for us; we have long understood that UTMB is most effective when people of all perspectives and backgrounds work together and are involved in charting the course for the future.
The University of Texas System has released a statement from Chancellor William H. McRaven regarding the recently enacted Presidential Executive Order on immigration. We wholeheartedly concur with Chancellor McRaven’s perspective and with his advice to those directly affected by the order.
If you are directly affected by travel restrictions resulting from the Executive Order, please consult with your supervisor or the UTMB International Affairs Office at (409) 747-8731 and visas.legal@utmb.edu. If you are a student, please contact UTMB Student Services at (409) 747-9055 and jilsanch@utmb.edu or your immediate student advisor.
UTMB has a proud history of advancing the health sciences throughout the world, and we expect to continue doing so well into the future. Thank you for your continued service to others as we work together to improve health and improve lives at home and abroad.

Dr. David L. Callender