David L. Callender, MD, MBA, FACS, President

We don’t need a crystal ball to see our future.
A larger population that will be older, more diverse and living with chronic diseases requiring complex health care. A world in which traditional models for delivering care will be hard-pressed to meet demand. A world forever transformed by technology and unprecedented access to information.

But where some people see upheaval in this dramatic societal change, we see hope. Because we have the right mission and the right plan to help build the foundation for health care’s future.

We see our students—the accomplished men and women who are called to a career of service to others—creating a brighter, healthier tomorrow in communities throughout Texas and beyond for generations to come.

We see our researchers applying their innate curiosity, unsurpassed knowledge and unparalleled spirit of collaboration to more rapidly bring the advances from their laboratories to the patient’s bedside.

We see our comprehensive Health System at the forefront of a revolution in how the best care is to be delivered in an era of reform.

We are now embarking on one of the most exciting times in UTMB’s history, with tremendous opportunities before us and a clear vision for what we can make possible for the state, national and global communities we serve.

Our home campus in Galveston is undergoing a robust revitalization, ensuring that our facilities support future growth, and that our students, patients and employees continue to benefit from a dynamic healing and learning environment. UTMB is enjoying unprecedented support from alumni, friends, and local and state officials. And we are embarking on the $450 million Working Wonders Campaign—the largest fundraising effort in the university’s history.

Our goals are ambitious but well within reach for such a strong institution. We are excited about the future and committed to fulfilling our mission—to improve health for the people of Texas and around the world. We invite you to learn more about how we’re building the future of health care.

David L. Callender, MD, MBA, FACS

Building the Future

Download your copy of Building the Future: President's Report 2011. Printable PDF.

Building the Future: President's Report 2011