Contis Leave Lasting Legacy of Service and Philanthropy

Dr. Vincent R. Conti and his wife, Andrea, had a number of reasons for their decision to give a significant portion of their retirement assets to UTMB.

The paramount motivation for their generosity?


“This is a legacy that makes us feel like our services to the university will be remembered,” Dr. Conti said. “We wish to enhance the prospects of new faculty and students to contribute to the academic and clinical goals of the university.”

His wife shares a similar sentiment.

“I most want to be remembered for my contributions to nursing staff development and continuing nursing education,” she said.

Dr. Conti devoted his career, more than 30 years, to UTMB’s Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, and has served as its chief since 1982. Andrea Conti, a School of Nursing alumna, retired in 1995 as director of Nursing Staff Development. She then worked in continuing nursing education as a clinical assistant professor.

Through their planned gifts, the Contis established the Vincent R. Conti, MD Distinguished University Chair in Cardiothoracic Surgery and the Andrea J. Conti, RN, MSN Endowment Fund for the School of Nursing. Her namesake fund will be divided into a nursing chair and a scholarship fund for nursing students.

The Conti endowments ensure that the couple’s tireless work and generosity will be remembered throughout the life of this institution.

“Through our endowment we can contribute to UTMB’s further development and make this position that much more attractive,” Dr. Conti said. “We feel good about returning back to UTMB resources we’ve actually generated from our services here.”

Dr. Vincent R. Conti and his wife, Andrea.

Dr. Vincent R. Conti and his wife, Andrea.