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Professionalism Committee Activities

Recognition Programs

  • Employee Service Day
    UTMB's Employee Service Day is a celebration of the contributions made by UTMB employees, and honors their commitment as they mark 5, 10, 15 or more years of service.
  • GEM Program
    The GEM Program is an institutional recognition program designed for UTMB employees, students and volunteers to recognize each other for exhibiting outstanding professional behavior.
  • The Osler Scholars
    Practicing physicians on the School of Medicine faculty who are selected based on their history of giving highly competent, humane, compassionate care and serving as outstanding teachers and role models for these qualities.
  • The TeXas program (Terrific Employees eXcel in Attendance Stewardship)
    The TEXAS program is an attendance reward program for classified employees.

Faculty Awards

  • Graduate Student Organization Distinguished Teaching Award (GSBS) Awarded to a member of the graduate school faculty who has made outstanding contributions to students' academic growth and development. Award criteria includes teaching skills, tutorial excellence and overall quality of, and enthusiasm for, graduate teaching.
  • Graduate Student Organization Faculty Award for Student Advocacy (GSBS) This award is given to a faculty member who has demonstrated exemplary dedication to ensuring that graduate student viewpoints and interests are at the forefront of decision-making processes at UTMB. Nominations are made solely by students.
  • Distinguished Faculty Research Award (GSBS) Awarded to a faculty member whose research has made an impact on a broad field of science by contributing to the solution of a significant scientific problem, or whose work shows ingenuity and originality in the application of novel techniques to an important area of science.
  • Leon Bromberg Professorship for Excellence in Teaching (GSBS) Presented each academic year to an outstanding faculty member in the honor of Dr. Truman G. Blocker Jr., the first UTMB president.
  • John P. McGovern, M.D., Award in Oslerian Medicine (SOM) Recognizes a present or alumnus physician who exemplifies the Oslerian tradition in American Medicine and in honor of Dr. John P. McGovern, Houston physician, philanthropist and lifelong scholar of Sir William Osler.
  • Jimmy Doyle Dickens Memorial Faculty Award (SOM) This award was established in 1971 by the graduating class in memory of one of its most respected members, who died April 22, 1970, in an airplane crash. Its purpose is to recognize an outstanding professor who exemplifies those qualities which should typify all future physicians and which typified Dickens-humility, humanity and integrity. This award is given annually to a member of the faculty by the first-year class.
  • Resident of the Year Award (SOM) Selected by the students, this award honors an outstanding resident who exemplifies excellence in teaching, compassion and professionalism.

Student Awards

  • John G. Bruhn Professionalism Award (SAHS) Recognizes a senior School of Allied Health Sciences student who consistently displays, in personal and professional conduct, traits that bring credit to himself or herself, the school and his or her chosen health profession.
  • School of Nursing Leadership Awards (SON) These four awards acknowledge graduating nursing students in the Baccalaureate, Master's, and Doctoral programs who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the School of Nursing, the community, or the workplace during their enrollment at the School of Nursing.
  • Community Service Awards (SON) These awards acknowledge graduating nursing students in the Baccalaureate, Master's, and Doctoral programs who have demonstrated outstanding community service by participation in service activities in the School of Nursing, the community, or in the workplace during their enrollment at the School of Nursing.
  • Graduate Student Organization Student Award (GSBS) Awarded to a graduate student who has made significant contributions to the members of the Graduate Student Organization through committee participation, student senate, special or community projects.
  • The Isabella H. Brackenridge Scholarship for Women (SOM) Established at UTMB in 1974 by the George W. Brackenridge Foundation of San Antonio, this annual award is given to the female medical student who, at the end of second year, exemplifies outstanding academic performance, service to UTMB and service to the community.
  • William Todd Midgett, M.D., Superior Clinical Practice Award (SOM) Established by family, friends and classmates to perpetuate the memory of this honor student following his death, this award, named in honor of the posthumous recipient of the Gold-Headed Cane in 1989, is designated for a junior medical student who is within the top 15 percent of the class; who exhibits superior qualities of compassion, empathy and understanding while establishing the patient's confidence during the treatment process; and who has demonstrated commitment to the highest standards of ethics and professional practice and an obvious and clearly documented continuing desire to acquire new knowledge.
  • Margaret E. Manning Memorial Scholarship (SOM) Margaret Edith Manning was a lifelong resident of Galveston. She participated in various UTMB activities, avidly read the publication Impact, and took great pride in the growth and accomplishments of the university. She had a wide range of academic and intellectual interests and was a great supporter of medical education and health care activities. The criteria for this scholarship include the requirement that the recipient "exemplify the qualities of compassionate and caring physician."
  • John P. McGovern Academy of Oslerian Medicine Student Scholarship (SOM) Established in 2003 by an anonymous contributor, this scholarship provides an award for a student who has demonstrated a commitment to humanistic medicine and compassionate patient care. The recipient is selected by members of the John P. McGovern Academy of Oslerian Medicine.
  • McMillan Family Endowed Scholarship (SOM) Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. McMillan and their son James L. McMillan established this scholarship in 1998. Dr. McMillan obtained his medical degree from UTMB in 1940 and practiced psychiatry until his retirement. In addition to maintaining an acceptable academic standing, the recipient must "exemplify the qualities of a compassionate and caring physician."
  • John D. and Mary Ann Stobo Award in Oslerian Medicine (all schools) Established in 2002 by UTMB President John D. Stobo and his wife, Mary Ann, this endowment provides an award to one student in any of UTMB's schools who has demonstrated a commitment to humanistic medicine and compassionate patient care.