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The Nicholas and Katherine Leone Award for Administrative Excellence 2018

May 18, 2018, 15:51 PM by Ruth Finkelstein

Robert Hastedt

2018 recipient: Robert D. Hastedt, Nurse Manager, Adult Patient Care Services.

Following are excerpts from the nomination form:

  • "...has exemplified administrative excellence demonstrating the values and standards found in the UTMB Professionalism Charter as well as UTMB’s core values."
  • "Early in his tenure as nurse manager, he met with staff and outlined his priorities. These priorities included ensuring continued excellent patient care and staff satisfaction. He communicated to the staff that he would advocate for competitive compensation, flexible work schedules and a safe and efficient work environment, while maintaining their confidentiality and gaining their trust through integrity, honesty and accountability. He has held true to these commitments creating a culture of trust and diversity for both staff and patients."
  • "…creates a culture of accountability and honesty by encouraging self-reporting of mistakes and holding staff members and himself accountable. He prefers to coach staff members in response to mistakes rather than instituting punitive actions. He encourages staff members to examine and correct systems problems that may have created an environment that led to a mistake."