Professionalism Committee Awarded President's Cabinet Grant

Sep 11, 2015, 09:29 AM by Ruth Finkelstein

On behalf of the UTMB Professionalism Committee, Dr. Karen Szauter submitted a grant request for consideration by the 2015 President's Cabinet Awards Committee and has received funding for a two year project to create a simulation laboratory experience where students, employees and faculty can schedule time with a coach to practice having a difficult conversation.

Difficult conversations are always challenging and most people hesitate even if it is likely to help the person involved. While education can provide the foundational knowledge to conduct such conversations, there is a great need to anticipate and rehearse for these onerous situations.  Through a series of simulations, based on real situations, UTMB faculty and staff will learn to master the skills needed to engage in difficult conversations with their peers, executive management and students while being coached and receiving feedback in a confidential setting.

Accepting the award at the September 11, 2015 President's Cabinet Awards Dinner on behalf of the Professionalism Committee are Dr. Mark Holden, Dr. Karen Szauter and Ruth Finkelstein.