The Nicholas and Katherine Leone Award for Administrative Excellence 2017

Jun 2, 2017, 11:23 AM by Ruth Finkelstein
2017 recipient:  Cathy Copeland, Business Operations Manager, Office of the School of Nursing.
Cathy Copeland 2017 Leone WinnerFollowing are excerpts from the nomination form:
  • "... epitomizes trust. Everyday, she deals with confidential issues and the confidences of others and uses her position as a confident to ensure issues are handled with integrity and utmost professionalism."
  • " the hub of communications for the SON and takes this role very resolute in truthfully communicating what has transpired in a meeting or event and offers ways of ensuring her staff and fellow employees are aware and up-to-date on current events or happenings."
  • "... comes into contact with a variety of faculty and staff and is known for her graciousness and positivity.  I have never been greeted without a sincere smile on her face.  No matter how stressful her job may be, Cathy is always kind and genuine.  Through the years of working with her I’ve come to know that Cathy is truly a good and well-intentioned person who is always looking to add value not take it away.