Honor Education Council

The Honor Education Council (HEC) is a School of Medicine student-run organization formed in 1990. Its mission is to educate medical students and faculty on issues pertaining to the ethical behavior of physicians and to help students develop an ethical decision-making process within a spirit of honor.

Composed of three students from each of the four classes in the Medical School, the council promotes honor and integrity within the profession from the onset of a student's medical career. Roles last until the student graduates. Each year, seniors roll off and freshmen are added.

HEC members include:

  • Class of 2019: Likhitha Aidunuthula, Stephanie Ibrahim, Chi-Tam Nguyen
  • Class of 2018: Murtaza M. Mandviwala, Louizza M. Martinez, Eduardo A. Rodriguez
  • Class of 2017: Felippe O. Marcondes, Kimberly M. Mendoza, Justin Noroozian

HEC Activities:

  • Co-sponsors and organizes annual School of Medicine White Coat Ceremony.
  • Works with ethics courses faculty and clinical faculty to facilitate use the Medical Student's Statement of Principles as a guiding document for discussion and reflection.
  • Investigates academic dishonesty cases and formulates strategies to reduce academic dishonesty incidence rates