The UTMB Student Honor Pledge Committee

The Honor Pledge Committee was coordinated in 2002 and included students, Associate Deans and the Associate Vice President for Student Services.  For a second year, the Student Honor Pledge Committee hosted a panel discussion with representatives from each school. On the panel were Steve Fisher (SHP), Mark Holden (SOM), Joan Nichols (GSBS), and Karen Szauter, (SOM). Panelists were asked to discuss such topics as: behaviors that students exhibit that inhibit professionalism, how to respond to team members when opinions differ, how to deal with abrasive co-workers and remain professional.

UTMB Student Honor Pledge

"On my honor, as a member of the UTMB community, I pledge to act with integrity, compassion and respect in all my academic and professional endeavors."

The idea of creating a unifying statement for the entire campus about professionalism originated from the Honor Education Council. To accomplish this, the Honor Pledge Committee was formed in the early summer of 2002, made up of two students and the associate dean to represent each of UTMB's four schools.

The group crafted the resulting Student Honor Pledge, which was first rolled out at Student Orientation in August of 2002 and then rolled out to the entire campus on January 22, 2003. Following the event, the Honor Pledge Committee worked to ensure that the new pledge was included in student course materials and adorned on walls in key buildings across campus. Students also shared the pledge with other non-student audiences including the President's Council, Support Staff Conference attendees and to alumni who attended Homecoming Weekend.

The UTMB Honor Pledge encapsulates the key principles behind professionalism.

Honor Pledge Committee FY16


  • Matthew Igbinigie (SOM)

Vice President

  • Funmi Babalola (SOM)

Community Relations Directors

  • Karis Norwood (SOM)
  • Jeff Abass (SOM)

Professionalism Directors

  • Oliver Lee (SOM)
  • Ennert Manyeza (SHP)

Student Engagement Directors

  • Davina Sassoon (SOM)
  • Logan Walsh (SOM)

  • Andrea Heier (SOM)

1st Year Representatives

  • Madiha Merchant (SHP)
  • Jake Gibbons (SOM)

Honor Pledge Committee Events

  • Honor Pledge Committee Pub Night

    Date/Time: , 2013 - -
    UTMB's Honor Pledge Committee hosted its "Pub Night" Alcohol Awareness event.
  • Obstacles of Interprofessional Healthcare

    Date/Time: -, 2015
    The Student Honor Pledge Committee hosted a forum for students from all schools in which a panel of Faculty members discussed, "Obstacles of Interprofessional Healthcare."
  • UTMB Honor Pledge Committee Professionalism Panel

    Date/Time: -, 2016
    The UTMB Student Honor Pledge Committee hosted a panel discussion on Monday, November 30, 2016. There were 46 students in attendance representing all four schools.