Interprofessional Education and Practice

  • New Student Orientation - School of Nursing January 2016

    Date/Time: -, 2016 - -
    School of Nursing Orientation included the opportunity for the Interprofessional Education and Practice Department, to share information about UTMB's initiatives and activities that promote health professions working together to improve patient care. Included in the presentation was an introduction to The Professionalism Committee.
  • IPE Day 2016 - Interprofessional Communication to Improve Patient Care

    Date/Time: , 2016 - -
    IPE Day 2016 - Interprofessional Communication to Improve Patient Care. Dr. Marvin Kohen to present. March 22, 2016. 1-4 p.m.
  • Establishing Transdisciplinary Professionalism for Improving Health Outcomes

    Date/Time: , 2016 - -
    As part of a better understanding respect for other health care delivery disciplines, the Office of Interprofessional Education has offered two case studies. Each case study promotes collaboration and respect between the disciplines.


2013-2014 Activities, Programs & Opportunities

Faculty Engagement Awards
This award seeks to support faculty pursuing training, attending conferences, or engaging in initiatives that strengthen interprofessional education, collaborative practice and teamwork at UTMB. Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, and are reviewed by an IPE review committee. Contact IPE for more information or to receive the application.

IPE Student Activities

Foundations in Patient Safety and Health Care Quality Course
Students enrolled in this course will have an opportunity to engage in a variety of interprofessional learning activities designed to facilitate professional competencies for health care practitioners. The problems with quality and safety are reviewed from a health care systems perspective. Quality improvement processes are addressed utilizing clinical examples from across clinical settings. This course is available for enrollment.

December 16 - January 10, 2014 Course Instructor: Dr. Susan Gerik

Spirituality and Clinical Care Module
This module brings together large and small interprofessional groups of students to discuss issues related to spirituality in health care. After exploring the online module and readings, students work in small interprofessional groups to analyze, from their unique perspectives, cases dealing with the spiritual needs of patients. In addition, the concept of spiritual self-care is introduced with a link to a module in the online course syllabus. An interprofessional group of faculty representing the Schools of Health Professions, Nursing, and Medicine facilitate the course interactions, which all occur on Blackboard. The course culminates in an Interfaith Panel discussion. Faculty may choose to require this module as part of an existing course, or students can participate independently.

Blackboard module opens January 27, 2014
Interfaith Panel: February 14, 2014, 1:00-3:00pm, Levin Hall Main
Course Instructors: Dr. Arlene Macdonald (GSBS - IMH), Dr. Rodger Marion (SHP), Dr. Carol Wiggs (SON), Dr. Susan Gerik (SOM)

Global Health Interprofessional Core Course
This Special Topics course spans the Fall and Spring semesters, and is open to all students in the four schools. The course is the core, anchor course for the Global Health Training Program, and is the first step in developing a campus-wide, integrated Global Health Program for all students. An interprofessional group of faculty representing the School of Health Professions, the School of Nursing, the School of Medicine, and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is led by Dr. Matthew Dacso. The curriculum provides an overview of critical issues in understanding global health challenges in contemporary society within an interprofessional learning environment.

Fall 2013-Spring 2014 (students can enroll for Spring only)
Course Coordinator: Christen Miller (, Center for Global Health

Interprofessional Education Day: The Future of Health Care Delivery
This unique event allows students to learn from and interact with their peers and faculty from all of the schools during a conference-style afternoon. After a keynote address, students break out into small interprofessional groups for interactive workshops. Previous interprofessional activities have included: simulation enactments, workshops, town hall meetings and team building exercises. Faculty are invited to facilitate workshops; students may assist as IPE Volunteers.

March 26, 2014, 1:00-5:00pm
Keynote Address: Levin Hall Main Auditorium, 1:00pm-2:00pm
Interprofessional Student Workshops: Location TBA, 2:00-5:00pm

Dementia Reader's Theater: Reading & Discussion
After the theatrical reading of an excerpt from "The Long Journey Home: Caring for a love one with dementia," students will participate in guided discussion led by Dr. Oma Morey, the play's author. This research-based theatre production was written by Dr. Morey, and first produced at UTMB in June 2009.

March 25 or 27, 1:00pm
Levin Hall Main

Interprofessional Pediatric Advocacy Program: Collaborating to Bring Care Home
The collaborative and innovative I-PAP program is designed to impact the community and participating students through interprofessional care. I-PAP faculty and students work in interprofessional teams with Child Protective Services case workers and families in the "Family Based Safety Services Program" through the Department of Family & Protective Services. These families have a special needs or medically fragile child, and have been referred to CPS by an interested party. The program is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) until June 2015.

Program Director: Natalie Bachynsky, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing (

CLARION Case Competition
Students are invited to create interprofessional teams to participate in the CLARION Case Competition at the University of Minnesota: Cases deal with issues of quality and patient care.

On-campus meetings and competition: January 2014
National Competition: April 11-12, 2014

Pediatric End of Life Simulation
This activity brings together students from all of the schools to view and participate in a high fidelity simulation and discussion. The simulation focuses on the case of an infant, her family, and her health care providers as the child faces cardiopulmonary arrest. A panel of practicing health care professionals presents their perspectives and answers questions during a debriefing following the simulation.

Summer 2014: Date and Time TBA

Student Engagement Awards
Through UTMB's Interprofessional Education initiative and the support of all of the Schools, students have the opportunity to earn distinctions and awards based on participation at three levels. In addition, students may apply to receive grants to attend interprofessional conferences or initiate a new IPE activity. All students must complete the online application in order to be eligible. More detailed information is available from the IPE office.

IPE Volunteers
Students assist with IPE Day; they receive a $50 gift certificate to the UTMB bookstore.

IPE Leaders
Students assist with IPE Day, participate in two additional interprofessional activities, and submit a reflective essay for each activity; they receive a $100 award and the distinction of "IPE Leader."

IPE Scholars
For each year of enrollment at UTMB, students assist with IPE Day, participate in two additional interprofessional activities, and submit a reflective essay for each activity; before graduating, students complete and present an interprofessional scholarly project, mentored by a faculty member; they receive a $500 award and the distinction of "IPE Scholar" at graduation.

Student Engagement Grant
Students can apply for funding to carry out an interprofessional project or attend a conference dealing with interprofessional education or collaborative practice. This award covers participation in the CLARION Case Competition.