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A Message from the Vice President of Human Resources

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Professionalism - Demonstrated Respect for Everyone

Ronald McKinley, PhD, SPHR
Vice President, Human Resources and Employee Services
Chief Human Resources Officer

One of the five stated institutional values for UTMB is respect.  The specific value is that "we show respect to everyone we meet." This value indicates that respect for everyone is an active process that manifests itself in all of our daily interactions with every person we meet without regard to the context in which we meet them.  This value further indicates that all members of the UTMB Family, regardless of position or role, have a positive obligation to treat every person we encounter including but not limited to: (a) visitors, (b) supervisors, (c) subordinates, (d) students, (e) patients, (f) colleagues, and (g) staff members with dignity and respect. The obligation accrues to all of us, both individually and collectively, as members of the UTMB employment community.  There is nothing that exempts any of us; including our position, our education level, our professional standing or professional membership, from being accountable for treating everyone we meet with respect every time we meet them.

The reported incidents of behavior contrary to the aforementioned institutional value are on the rise.  These types of reported non-respectful behavior include: (a) sexual harassment, (b) bullying, (c) rudeness, (d) passive aggressiveness, (e) overt aggressiveness, (f) use of profanity including the f word, (g) failure to communicate with others due to one's anger with them, (h) retaliation, (i) calling people names, (j) yelling or raising one's voice at others, etc. We in human resources believe that the increase in reported incidents is due to a number of factors. These factors include: (a) people's awareness of their rights, (b) swift investigation by HR of all allegations of inappropriate disrespectful behavior, and (c) UTMB's zero tolerance policy regarding these types of behavior. 

As human beings we all experience moments of anger, frustration, and impatience; however, mature professional adults do not allow these normal human feelings to translate into inappropriate disrespectful behaviors toward the other people we encounter in our daily work lives. Mature professional adults always act toward others in the same way that they want others to act towards them, showing respect for them and everyone they meet.  If you experience less that respectful behavior, of the types listed above, from someone at work then please report that behavior immediately to Human Resources and your supervisor.