Professionalism at UTMB Health

Reporting Disrespectful Behavior Form

Reports made through this page should be specifically related to professionalism concerns rather than employee dissatisfaction or other policy violations. In order to ensure prompt resolution of other concerns, employees are encouraged to use the established channels for reporting those concerns.

  • If you would like to report allegations of unlawful discrimination, harassment, including sexual harassment, or retaliation, please contact UTMB’s Department of Internal Investigations at (409) 747-5740.
  • If you would like to report any activity that appears to violate UTMB’s policies, procedures, or the Standards of Conduct Guide, please contact UTMB’s Human Resources Department at (409) 772-8699.

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This information (a) is prepared at the request of and/or for the benefit of the UTMB Institutional Compliance Committee; and/or (b) comprises records, information, or reports received or maintained by UTMB's Chief Compliance Officer. As such, it is confidential and privileged communication protected from discovery under Texas Health and Safety Code § 161.032 and Texas Government Code Chapter 552.