International Travel Request Process

All international travel requests must be submitted at least three weeks before the proposed departure date. Any travel beyond a destination in the United States is considered International Travel (including Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico). If there is uncertainty about whether or not the destination being traveled to is considered international, please call (409) 772-3967 or email

All requests will be processed through the Provost Office following the international travel approval process.

Please note that the International Travel Request Guidelines outline that travel requests to any international destination must be submitted 3-weeks in advance of the first day of travel. We strive to reply to all travel requests well before that time frame. Please allow a minimum of 10 working days after submission of a properly completed International Travel Request Form before requesting a status report.

  1. Complete an International Travel Request Form (if completing this process as part of the Polar Operations team, please complete a Polar Operations International Travel Request Form).
  2. Is the area being traveled to on the US State Department travel warning list? If so, complete a Supplemental Data Form
  3. Scan and email the completed International Travel Request Form and all other supporting documentation to
    Scanned materials should include:
    1. Properly Completed International Travel Request Form
    2. Properly Completed Supplemental Data Form (if traveling to an areas on the US State Department travel warning list)
  4. Once the request has been processed, it will be assigned an International Travel Request Authorization Number (RA#) and a Tentative Approval will emailed to the travel requestor.
  5. Once an RA# has been assigned and a Tentative Approval has been emailed, travel arrangements may be booked.

Booking Travel
* All international travelers are required to register with International SOS (ISOS).
  1. Click here for a step by step guide through the ISOS registration process.
  2. Scan and email proof of ISOS registration to (please reference the RA# associated with the travel).
      1. Proof of International SOS registration (example)
  3. Once verified, the signed and approved International Travel Request Form will be scanned and emailed to the submitter and traveler along with any other pertinent information.
  4. * If booking with Anthony Travel, ISOS is automatically submitted on traveler's behalf and nothing more has to be done regarding ISOS registration.

Useful Information