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Psychiatry 3rd Year Clerkship

Program Description

The goal of our program is to provide an overview of Psychiatry including the recognition and management of psychiatric problems. In addition we hope to enhance understanding of the doctor-patient relationship and improve your interviewing skills, allowing you to integrate psychosocial factors in treating patients. Students will receive individualized clinical experience under the supervision of an attending psychiatrist. We hope to help students to develop a greater understanding of the role of psychiatrists and to train those students in critical aspects of psychiatric diagnosis and treatment.


  1. 1. To develop rapport with patients, conduct patient interviews, develop history-taking skills, develop physical examination skills, and confirm findings on patient examination.
  2. 2. To explain the rationale used in making a diagnosis and developing a treatment plan.

Junior Psychiatry Clerkship

Core Rotation

  • Core Rotation Information (pdf format) At this time the Psychiatry Clerkship does not accept rotation requests.


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