Preceptorships Undergraduate Education Program

Program Description

This is a four week course that gives students an individualized clinical experience under the supervision of an attending psychiatrist. Based on a student's interests he/she will be matched with a preceptor. Our goal is to enhance the understanding of the role of psychiatrists including the recognition and management of psychiatric problems. We hope also to enhance the understanding of doctor-patient relationships and improve the students interviewing skills allowing them to integrate psychosocial factors in treating patients. This experience is very similar to what the student will be doing during their third year, they will be part of an inpatient ward team or may work with an attending in an outpatient clinic. They will meet daily with faculty to discuss patients.

Application Process - How students are to apply:

Students should fill out an application form if they are interested in doing a pre-clinical preceptorship in psychiatry.

Where students are to apply:

Contact Courtney Silberisen for an application. Please call (409-747-9675) or email ( if you have any questions regarding the Psychiatry Preceptorships.

Return applications to:

7.606 Rebecca Sealy Hospital
Fax 409-747-9677
campus mail route 0193

What experiences are offered and when?

Various faculty in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences participate in the preceptorship program however spaces are limited. Our goal is to match students with particular interests.