30-Day All-Cause
Readmission Rates Hospital-Wide

The 30-day unplanned readmission measures are estimates of unplanned readmission for any cause to any acute care hospital within 30 days of discharge from a hospitalization.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid prefer to measure unplanned readmission within 30 days instead of over longer time periods (like 90 days), because readmissions over longer periods may be impacted by factors outside of a hospital's control, such as whether other complicating illnesses, a patient's lifestyle choices (e.g., smoking, non-compliance in taking medications, etc.), or care provided to patients after discharge.

Below is UTMB's hospital-wide 30-day overall rate of all-cause readmissions after discharge from the hospital for all diseases. To learn more about how the readmission rate is calculated, click here.

UTMB’s overall 30-day all-cause readmission rate is improving. However, it is still higher than our Academic Medical Center Peers' average. In 2015, 14% of patients came back to UTMB for problems related or unrelated to their illness from their first hospitalization.

graph for 30-day all-cause readmissions

Discharge Year

UTMB % 30-Day All-Cause Readmissions

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