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Revenue Cycle Oversight Committee

RCO accommodates the financial needs of a plethora of UTMB revenue sources throughout the fiscal year. It is imperative that we insure that the course of our actions is directly in tandem with the agenda of our stakeholders. In order to ensure clarity, congruency and cohesion, we have initiated this committee will steer and oversee the successful implementation and efficient operation of the revenue cycle function across the institution.  The responsibilities of this committee are inherently adaptive, but are not limited to:


                      • Endorse and encourage efforts to attain key performance indicators and maintain or exceed set metrics.
                      • Provide strategic guidance to Revenue Cycle on initiatives that impact billing and collection activities.
                      • Oversee operational business rules, ensuring consistency with Federal, State, local and institutional Policies and Procedures.
                      • Champion the advocacy of Revenue Cycle initiatives and financial stewardship across the institution.
                      • Ensure Revenue Cycle with insight on operational issues, including approval of proposed policies and procedures.
                      • Review processes offering any queries or concerns related to billing and collections which will be submitted to this group for discussion.
                      • Support the prioritization of committee initiatives to stay aligned with UTMB’s road ahead strategy