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Pre-certification Office: Welcome

The mission and purpose of the Pre-certification Office is to act as a partner to the clinics and the billing offices by:

  • Increasing patient satisfaction
  • Improving and streamlining the clinic flows
  • Improving utilization of clinic resources
  • Eliminating duplicative registration activities across service areas
  • Enhance revenue by:
    1. Improving accuracy of registration information
    2. Ensuring precertification/referral is obtained when required
    3. Increase success rate of point of service collections

Download the overview workflow for COR (PDF).

See the patient care areas COR services. (PDF)

Pre-Cert Office Departmental Telephone Numbers
Department Fax Numbers Area Phone
Medicine 409-747-7719






Contact Our Staff
Name Title Phone
Betty Avery Sr. Manager-Surgery, Specialty Accounts, Off-site 409-747-7854
Jan Alsobrook Sr. Manager - Ancillary Planning Office, DSU Planning Office 409-747-7851
Taya Paysse Team Lead - Ancillary Planning Office 409-747-7745
Jeanette Jones Team Lead - Surgery, Off-site 409-747-7747
Mary Pena Team Lead - Specialty 409-747-7750
Main Number 409-747-7750