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The field of Rehabilitation Science encompasses basic and applied aspects of the health sciences, social science and engineering as they relate to restoring human functional capacity and improving a person's interactions with the surrounding environment.

Established in 2001, the Division of Rehabilitation Sciences at UTMB developed an infrastructure to support research related to rehabilitation, disability and recovery. Programs include a respected PhD program, career training and development, funding opportunities for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows, and infrastructure for large data research and data sharing.

Facts & Figures

There are 13 students currently enrolled in the Rehabilitation Sciences PhD program. To date, 37 PhD degrees have been conferred and 43 fellows have completed postdoctoral training. Students and Postdoctoral Trainees have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of research activities in Rehabilitation Sciences through our programs.

Doctoral Students Earn Scholarships

Jan 9, 2020, 18:07 PM by Rehabilitation Sciences

The following Rehabilitation Sciences PhD students received scholarships from the UTMB Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and the Office of the President. These are competitive scholarships and reflect the quality of our PhD students.

  • Amy Given, The Satish Srivastava Endowed Scholarship
  • Emre Vardarli, Michael Gilles Purgason Memorial Scholarship
  • Jason Bentley, Ann and John Hamilton Endowed Scholarship and The Charles F. Otis Clinical Research Award
  • Jason Johnson, Peyton and Lydia Schapper Endowed Scholarship
  • Kevin Pritchard, Satish Srivastava Endowed Scholarship
  • Kseniya Masterova, Eva Yznaga Seger, MD Presidential Scholarship and The Arthur V. Simmang Scholarship Fund GSBS
  • Efstathia Polychronopoulou, Jasmes A. Hokanson, PhD Endowed Scholarship
  • Ioannis Malagaris, University of Texas Medical Branch Retirees Association Academic Scholarship Fund GSBS
  • Mandi Sonnenfeld, Margaret Saunders Travel Award
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