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New Department of Nutrition, Metabolism & Rehabilitation Sciences

Sep 8, 2021, 11:50 AM by Rehab Sci

As of September 1, 2021, the Department of Nutrition & Metabolism merged with the Division of Rehabilitation Sciences to form the “Department of Nutrition, Metabolism & Rehabilitation Sciences”. The new department has 12 full-time faculty members, an administrative manager, and two administrative staff with Dr. Blake Rasmussen serving as Department Chair. The education mission for the department includes support for three academic programs: 1) Master of Science in Nutrition & Metabolism combined with a Dietetic Internship (MS/DI) with Blair Brown as Program Director; 2) Master of Science in Health Professions with Frank Ward as Program Director, and 3) PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences with Soham Al Snih as Program Director. The research mission of the department is a strength and currently includes funding from eight National Institutes of Health grants totaling $4.6 million dollars for the current fiscal year. Faculty are Soham Al Snih, Blair Brown, Rachel Deer, Crystal Douglas, Brian Downer, Mi Jung Lee, Elizabeth Lyons, Christopher Messenger, Monique Pappadis, Blake Rasmussen, Carole Tucker, and Frank Ward. Current administrative staff include Colleen Casey and Vivian Coughlin.

2021 - 2020 / 2019 / 2018 / 2017 / 2016
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