Post Approval Monitoring

Continuing oversight of animal activities is a federal requirement of institutions that utilize animals in teaching, testing and research activities. Post Approval Monitoring (PAM) helps to meet this requirement. UTMB’s PAM Program is designed to interact with the research staff in a collegial, educational manner. The program helps to ensure the well-being of the research animals as well as provide opportunities to refine IACUC protocols through protocol review and observation. Every animal research laboratory is visited by the program’s Protocol Advisors and Liaisons (PALs). Outcomes of these visits are beneficial to the researcher by either confirming that procedures are humane and compliant, or, identifying protocol ‘drift’ and helping to amend protocols to prevent future concerns.

The PAM program offers these services:

  • Updates in animal program information through laboratory staff meetings
  • Comparison of IACUC protocols with procedures to maintain compliance and animal welfare
  • Review protocols/amendments prior to IACUC submission
  • Annual training course on writing IACUC protocols and other topics related to animal research

A proactive community of investigators at UTMB who accept and meet obligations for the proper care and use of laboratory animals will allow UTMB to continue to meet its scientific goals while maintaining regulatory compliance. The PAM Program appreciates and acknowledges your efforts to conduct progressive science and humane research. We look forward to working with you.

Non-Compliant Event Reporting
DEA and DPS Controlled Substance Applications and Information
PAM Laboratory Visit Checklist
Writing an IACUC Protocol